Corbis Readymech Cameras

Take a break from your computer! Download, print and build your own pinhole camera. Follow the instructions and enjoy!


Q: What is a pinhole camera? How does it work?
A pinhole camera uses a very small hole to create a lens for the light to enter and expose the film. These Readymech Cameras can be downloaded and printed at your computer, built, and used to make your own pinhole camera!
Q: How do I take a photo with a pinhole camera?
A: Set the camera on a firm surface and open the shutter for the correct amount of time, then close the shutter and wind the film.
Q: How long should I expose my film for?
A: All camera instructions come with exposure times for various lighting conditions, but exposure times may vary depending on the type of film you're using.
Q: My photos are coming out entirely grey or cloudy - how can I fix this?
A: There might be a light-leak in the construction of your camera. Try carefully taping any seams with black tape. Also, make sure that your cuts are very accurate.
Q: What supplies do I need?
A: You will need:
  • A printer
  • Some good printer paper
  • One thin cereal box for the light-safe interior
  • A razor blade for cutting
  • Some double-sided tape or glue
  • Thin needle for making a pinhole
  • Small piece of aluminum foil or soda can to puncture with the needle
  • One new roll of film, preferably ISO200
  • One film canister from which the film has been removed. You can empty a new roll, or get an empty canister at any photo supply store.
Q: Why are my photos cut up when they are developed?
A: Some developers use automatic cutters. Ask your local specialty developer to develop your photos, and instruct them not to cut the prints.
Q: Where did the images and illustrations come from on the cameras?
A: They are all exclusively from Corbis.
Q: Who designed the cameras?
A: Fwis, a small design firm based in NYC, created the concept for the flatpack paper cameras exclusively for their friends at Corbis! Yay!
Q: Will there be more in the series?
A: Yes, we will be periodically uploading new designs. Continue to check for the latest and greatest.